Healing Bundle

What can this help with?

Healing Bundle sessions aim to help you reach your brilliant soul potential, releasing limiting blocks and resistance, and healing deep emotional wounds and trauma that hold you back from living in your true essence.

Helping you navigate the coming months and journey with ease and deep support.

There are many deep emotional wounds, trauma, belief systems, conditioning and fears that become the stories you embody and live by; stories that hold you back from living your dreams and shining your true light ~

- self-doubt

- emotional trauma

- grief

- anxiety

- depression

- addiction

- relationship challenges

- communication blocks

- limiting beliefs

- fears

- mother/father wounds

- ancestral trauma

What Can I expect?

The Healing Bundle is a series of 4 x personal healing sessions held over 6 months, aiming to deeply support and guide you to uncover, process, release and heal on every level.

I meet you exactly where you are at, working within the capacity of your nervous system so you feel safe to heal, grow and step up in to the most magnificent version of You.

Using a combination of Brainspotting and Somatic Therapy, we work together to heal ancestral trauma, conditioning, programming, inner child wounds and we also activate and integrate your True Self.

Committing to a series of personal healing sessions allows you to honour your emotional needs, return to Self, and helps accelerate your healing journey so you can reclaim your truth, reclaim your power and live your wildest and most magnificent life.

Feeling fully supported as you heal, is not only deeply nurturing, but it also expands the depths that you are able to reach, clearing, shifting, and healing deeply at a core level.

Details & Pricing

WHERE - online via Zoom

HOW MANY - 4 x personal sessions

DURATION - 1.5 - 2 hrs each session

COST - $980 AUD

Not sure if this is for you?

Perhaps one of these offerings would be more aligned with what you need right now;

Guidance Session

A gentle option would be a mini Guidance Session, to offer you support and guidance without doing the deeper healing work just yet.

Trauma-informed Somatic Healing

If you're looking at trying a session to see how it flows and feel if it's a fit for your healing journey, a one-off session would be ideal.

I didn't think I'd ever truly feel myself, so this has been beyond anything I was expecting. I feel like my life is starting over and it's so exciting.

It feels like my soul is dancing once again. I can't thank you enough Rebecca.

Every time I have a session with you, I seem to manifest crazy stuff. This work is insane, but I love it. Thank you Bec.

Would you like to

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Receive your free guide on how to start healing from trauma, and shift from surviving to thriving.


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