Hello lovely,

I'm Beck

It's so important to feel safe with someone as you heal; trusting that person to hold gentle and nurturing space for you to process and release your pain.

So here is a little glimpse in to who I am, and what I bring to my healing work.

First and foremost, I'm a blessed Mum to three beautiful little souls.

They are the loves of my life and continue to be my greatest teachers.

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia but I'm so lucky to be able to connect with clients all over the world thanks to the magic of technology.

I’m a passionate Trauma-informed Somatic Healing Practitioner, Brainspotting Practitioner, and Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, supporting and guiding clients to heal on a deep level, clearing stress, blocks, and trauma that they have usually otherwise been unable to shift with cognitive and alternate therapies.

I am also a certified Narcissistic Abuse Specialist and am passionate about helping women heal through and beyond their trauma, in my transformative and empowering program.

My unique and powerful approach enables clients to release emotional stress, shift limiting beliefs, heal inner child wounds, and process and heal trauma at a deep core level, allowing root cause resolution.

I weave together diverse certifications in metaphysical and somatic modalities, including; Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, Self Directed Healing, Brainspotting, Meditation Teaching, Intuitive Body Reading, Beyond Quantum Healing and Trauma-informed coaching.

With my deeply intuitive wisdom, higher teachings and life experiences, I bring a deep, nurturing, and powerfully transformative healing approach to my clients.

The difference in my work from other modalities is that I focus on working with the body, where trauma and emotions are stored, bringing clients back into alignment with their True Selves, with more clarity, grounding, and emotional awareness.

My passion lies in using and sharing my intuitive gifts and tools to help others connect within, heal, release and step into their full soul potential.

Using my own life journey, innate wisdom, growth, and higher teachings, I guide others to reconnect within and welcome soul expansion.

This is me.

Authentic, unapologetic, living from my truth.

I look forward to journeying with you....


Experience shifts like these

“After 5 challenging months that only seemed to get worse until my heart physically hurt , my body felt so far from being aligned I could not even centre myself in yoga and negative energy seemed to follow me everywhere despite my efforts to regain my usually strong sense of spirituality. I felt so lost, distressed and traumatised. I turned to Beck for help to heal and release blockages so my energies could flow and I could be at one with the universe again. Beck was amazing . Not only did she support me to feel safe at one of my most vulnerable times she was able to facilitate a massive release of emotions related to trauma and forgiveness. My heart felt so light afterwards and 5 days on I am feeling positive , aligned and reconnected to my spirituality. Everything is flowing in a positive way and life feels so good. I feel grounded and centred . I can’t possibly thank Beck enough for her healing abilities and ongoing support ..”

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Beck to gain deeper insights into some of my experiences in life and to work through some old trauma that I discovered was holding me back. What I learnt through working with Beck is that it’s often not enough to simply intellectually understand our experiences but rather we need to reconnect to experiences on an emotional level. Once we reconnect to the feelings of difficult past experiences we can much more fully understand them. From here we can create new meanings about these experiences and start to shift the way we feel about ourselves. We start to move towards self love.This process is not easy and I would highly recommend working with Beck during this process of self inquiry.

She is intuitive, respectful, encouraging, caring and very supportive. Blessings for your journey fellow travellers”

“I am so grateful to have had a healing session with Beck a few weeks. I went into it not knowing what to expect... I did find it personally challenging but Beck was so gentle, respectful and caring and held space for me to let out what I needed to.

Afterwards I felt much lighter and still do several weeks later. I highly recommend a session with Beck and thank her deeply for her ongoing support”.

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