Somatic Healing

What can this help with?

My unique Trauma-informed Somatic Healing can help you reach your brilliant soul potential, release limiting blocks and resistance, and heal deep emotional wounds and trauma that hold you back from living in your true essence.

There are many deep emotional wounds, trauma, belief systems, conditioning and fears that become the stories you embody and live by; stories that hold you back from living your dreams and shining your true light ~

- self-doubt

- emotional trauma

- grief

- anxiety

- depression

- addiction

- relationship challenges

- communication blocks

- limiting beliefs

- fears

- mother/father wounds

- ancestral trauma

How does it work?

Unlike cognitive and energetic therapies, trauma-informed somatic therapy works on clearing and healing every level of your being;

- physical

- emotional

- mental

- energetic

- subconscious

- superconscious

While it's wonderful and necessary to have an intellectual awareness of what's holding you back and causing you pain, if you want to truly heal from emotional trauma, clear blocks, shift belief systems, release addictive behaviour, then you need to feel.

And it's certainly helpful to verbalise, analyse and consciously process what you are trying to heal, however as you've probably already discovered, if you are only trying to heal yourself on a conscious, intellectual level, through changing narratives, using positive affirmations and trying to shift your mindset, you won't get deep and lasting results.

You are simply bypassing the root cause.

Your body will still hold all of your emotional trauma.

Your subconscious mind will continue to feed you those old stories, the old limiting beliefs.

Your physical body is an expression of your emotional body.

Are you suffering physical pain, aches, skin conditions, ailments, discomfort, auto-immune conditions?

Your physical body is an expression of your emotional body.

It's an amazing communicator, and when you disconnect for so long from your emotions and past trauma, your body will begin to reach its threshold and start letting you know.

It will begin to communicate with you, asking you to look within and heal your emotional pain. It will present you with dis-ease to really get your attention.

Every pain, injury, ailment and condition is connected to unresolved trauma - Yours, your parents or your ancestors.

And through this deep healing process, we are able to heal your emotions, and also ease physical symptoms and dis-ease that are associated with your unresolved emotional stress.

Are you listening to your body?

How does it release, shift and heal?

When we work together, I help you to shift out of your analytical mind, drop into your body, and surrender fully to the emotions that you've been holding on to.

Through a trauma-informed lens, we are able to find your core wounds, your limiting beliefs and your protector parts that are showing up and causing disconnection from your True Self.

When you can lean in, embody them, allow them rise and release, the magic of deep healing and transformation begins.

Full body emotional acknowledgment and release then opens us to the next layer, where these emotional traumas first became activated and embedded.

And it's here that we are able to fully witness, forgive, release, and heal your wounds and your inner child.

Releasing old stored emotions, trauma and belief systems that have been created recently, from childhood, in the womb, and from your ancestors.

This is not a hands-on healing therapy, and no remedies are used.

I work WITH you, not ON you.

Results are fast, profound, and long-lasting, bringing instant relief and release.

Trauma-informed somatic healing empowers you to illuminate the shadows in your subconscious, allowing you to shift and release your burdens.

The result is that you gain emotional and mental freedom, clarity, higher self-awareness, raising your emotional consciousness and creating energetic space.

Space for you to connect deep within and align yourself on your soul path, so you can live your truth, communicate with ease, reach your soul potential and move forward with clarity and joy.

Details & Pricing

WHERE - online via Zoom

DURATION - 1.5 - 2 hrs

COST - $250 AU

$164 USD

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I never realised how much of my life was connected to ancestral trauma. It was so powerful to uncover and heal those wounds; the shift has been incredible!

Healing my inner child has been the missing piece to my healing. Thank you so much.

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