Guidance Session

Are you feeling stuck?

Sometimes all you need is someone to really hear you without judgment, opinion, or an agenda.

Someone who can share a higher perspective on whatever it is you are trying to navigate.

Someone to offer support, higher guidance and clarity.

What you will receive.

My Guidance Sessions offer you a safe space to share what is feeling big for you right now, and what you are struggling to understand and move beyond, such as;

  • continuing unhealthy relationships

  • finding your purpose

  • shifting limiting beliefs

  • healing childhood wounds

  • holding firm boundaries

  • finding what is holding you back

  • sabotaging your healing and growth

  • breaking free of conditioning

  • why you aren’t healing

  • trauma bonds

  • generational trauma

  • how to activate your intuition

  • why you are dissociating

  • why you’re stuck in addiction

  • healing anxiety and depression

  • gaining clarity on making decisions

Who is this for?

A full healing session might feel too much for your nervous system right now, or perhaps you’re not in a financial position for that commitment.

Perhaps your fear of being vulnerable in front of someone else is holding you back from a full session, or you don’t want to share your pain story.

Or maybe you are just seeking a little clarity, a higher perspective to help you right now.

Some insight, support, wisdom, and guidance.

I'm here for you.

In a 30 minute Guidance Session, you can share or ask whatever you need to.

I listen without an agenda, without judgment, and allow you to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of what it is you need, in order to move through and beyond your challenges.

Giving you clarity on what you need in order to experience the shifts, healing and transformation you are yearning for.

Details & Pricing

WHERE - online via Zoom

DURATION - 30 minutes

COST - $50 AUD/$32 USD

Timezone conversion

Available time slots are all in AEDT/AEST;




* To convert these to your timezone, you can check here;

Not sure if this is for you?

Perhaps one of these offerings is aligned with what you need right now;

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Trauma-informed Somatic Healing

If you're looking at trying a session to see how it flows and feel if it's a fit for your healing journey, a one-off session would be ideal.

Thank you Rebecca, this gave me so much more clarity on what has been becoming clearer to me lately. Looking forward to working with you to now heal and shift it all.

Everything you said made so much sense for me, like connecting the dots. Thank you.

Thank you for holding space for me. I know I need to do the deeper work now and feel like you are such a powerful piece to my healing journey. Can't wait to start working with you.

Would you like to

start healing today?

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