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How I guide you to heal:

I work intuitively and deeply with you, not on you.

This is both powerful and empowering, as You are the one who is accessing and processing your trauma, as I guide and teach you how to read the signs and deeper messages that your body is expressing and communicating to you.

Together we uncover and navigate your emotional pain, your resistance, your nervous system response, and your wounded parts, to bring you relief, release, healing, clarity, peace and connection back to Self.

This is a fully guided process, in which we are deeply attuned with each other, with conscious presence and intention.

I gently guide you within your physical body to fully process unresolved emotions which also allows me to guide you to shift unhealthy belief systems, programming, inner child wounds, generational conditioning and ancestral wounds.

Inner child healing, generational healing, whole Being healing and full integration.

I have referred so many people to Rebecca! For someone like me who has been in therapy half of her life, struggled to feel good about herself after all these years and having such profound shifts in a short amount of time with Rebecca, it is truly amazing.

Rebecca guided me on this journey to find my way back to myself. I cannot thank her and the universe for being in my life. She is a naturally talented healer and an incredible soul.

- Nicole Robideau


How I can support you

Healing Sessions

Past life regression

1:1 Somatic Healing session

4 x healing sessions

Communicate with your Higher Self

Healing from narcissistic abuse

Guidance and support

Courses and programs

A self-paced guided course to begin healing within.

A self-paced course of empowerment.

Resources to learn and grow

One of the most powerful aspects my sessions were to connect with my inner child, her deep wounds and to bring in my adult self to be there for my younger version. Something I still use when I feel emotional.

Feeling so deeply was definitely new for me. I have cried before in therapy but that was more out of overwhelm and not being totally understood.

The sessions with Rebecca were the first to connect to the deep wounds. It wasn't always easy to let go of my thinking and allow myself to feel but once the tears came, it felt so good to release what I have held onto for so long.

- Anja Vlaardingerbroek



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